Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My New Project


i had started with something that really makes my days colourful and "patternful" recently
Quilling is a nice and very tideous in nature. and the result will make you smiles for a day
some how, i have fall in love in this arts :)
everything just started as hobby, then when i was instructed to do something to be sold during a program here in PPUKM, my interest and passion become more until i end up selling bookmarks and clips during the day.
the bookmarks

*I hope that i still have the strength to finish up this project, next project, and next :))
hope can catch up and manage my time and study well. exam is cominggg!!


homosapien said... lah untuk i satu....da very special one....hehehe....
rindu u lah....

aishah abu bakar said...

hahaha.. rindu u jugak.! of course! u give me bunch of money, i will send you a "special edition" card. ada gaya businesswoman x? haha

homosapien said...

u belanja lah i...hehe

Aleza Omar said...

huaa~ canteknye aishah~ :D

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